Plaza History

The seed for this plaza was planted in 1995 when my husband purchased a paver for our home town memorial in Brillion, Wisconsin. We researched many sites throughout the Midwest and decided that if Brillion, population 2800, could have a memorial; Schertz, population 35,000 (at that time), certainly needed a memorial.
Our good friend, Mayor Earl Sawyer went with me to visit the current Mayor Hal Baldwin in April 2010 to see if Schertz could help us with a piece of land. This is the site we chose.

Mr. Eric White said he’d start us out with $10,000.00, council approved our efforts and we began our plans under the auspices of the VFW Post 8315. They agreed to sponsor us under their 501(c)3 plan so that we could raise tax free money. At first our committee met over breakfasts in various restaurants. In 2011 we became more formal and have had meetings every two weeks. Our membership changed and because we were building on city land, our sponsorship changed to the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Schertz.

As we raised more money, we could add more construction to the site. Different contractors helped us with donations of material and labor. GVEC granted us one of their Round-Up grants of $20,000.00 so we could purchase the granite monuments. The Information Technology Department of the city built our website, (, and people could see which items were needed to be purchased. That list was purchased by very patriotic people. Our committee has been blessed with the knowledge of professional engineers in Ramon Cook and Larry Dublin and by a professional landscape architect, Byron Nichols, who helped with our design idea for this plaza. They truly have done yeoman’s work helping us bring this plaza to fruition. Memorials have been donated and other people have contributed money, materials, and labor. The results are what you see.

We have included a paver for Rosie the Riveter and we have two sketches of “Kilroy Was Here” hidden on the premises. That sketch spread throughout our military like wildfire. In WWII, the GI’s made sure it went all over the world. It has become a symbol to them and is still used. One of our snipers sprayed it on the walls of Osama Bin Laden’s compound as they were leaving.

We hope that you have time to check out the plaza, read the plaques inside and realize that we are not yet finished. The purchase of pavers will be an ongoing process, carried on by the city. We received extra help from city labor but we did not have to come to the tax payers for any money for the plaza. We have always been a “Can Do” city and this was a “Can Do” project. We have infused a lot of dedication, energy, labor, and love into this respectful site for our veterans. We hope that you have found a place for pride, respect, honor and reflection for the contributions made to this country by our veterans. Please come often, filled with patriotic thoughts and use it for patriotic ceremonies. It is our gift to you.